Eclectic Roots | Modern Roast

Civil Goat is more than coffee.

We are hospitality

– curating a space that encourages people to slow down and enjoy being present with the community around us.

We are creatives

– encouraging the exchange of new ideas, promoting creative conversations, and collaborating with other rad people.

We are coffee addicts

– roasting and brewing specialty coffee with beans sourced from sustainable farms all over the world.

And Then We Came To Be

Continually exploring new flavors with timeless techniques.

      Not much of a surprise that we care about specialty coffee here, but it’s not just coffee that makes us who we are. Civil Goat started in the eclectic neighborhood of Cuernavaca, Austin where there lives an inconspicuous and spunky culture of artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs. Because of this culture, our brick & mortar shop has developed into a space that promotes the exchange of new ideas, fosters creativity, and most importantly encourages all to slow down and savor those around us over some darn delicious coffee.

      Our hope is that you find a genuine experience with Civil Goat, whether that be at our shop, in your home, on the road, online, or anywhere really! We love hearing from the people who make us who we are, so please give us a shout sometime.


The Team

Chris O'Brien

Founder & Roaster
Chris is the founder of Civil Goat and father to Butters the pygmy goat. Chris loves chatting coffee, new ideas, or the latest agricultural crop trends with anyone, and happens to be a fantastic dad. You’re likely able to snap a photo of him and Butters in the middle of a cuddle sesh…it happens everyday. Show Blurb

Scott Jones

Director of Coffee & Wholesale
Scott is the shop father around here. On his days off you might find him at a local brewery around Austin. If you want to get Scott to hang out with you, offer to take him to a place with solid brews. He won’t say no. Show Blurb

Carley McCarra

Digital Marketing Manager
Carley has a handle on marketing and content around here. This gal loves the kicking it on the east side and most things outside. Take her camping, climbing, or show her a splashin’ swimming spot and she’ll never leave you alone. Show Blurb


Pygmy Goat & Shop Mascot
Butters is the shop’s mascot and son of Civil Goat Owner, Chris O’Brien. Although the business was named before Butters was around, he’s earned a name for himself with his spunky attitude and adorable prance. You can usually find him roaming the shop grounds daily from 10a – 3p. Show Blurb

Kendrick Russell

Photo Wiz & Barista Biz
Kendrick knows a thing or two about coffee and a thing or three about working a camera. This modern-day photographer man cruises in on his 2016 BMW S1000XR, snaps a couple pics, pulls some shots, has a dramatic peel-out exit, then does it all over again. Show Blurb